What reviewers have to say about Tipping the Scales

Contessa of Romance Junkies " a great comical read packed with sizzling passion. This story had me laughing out loud one minute; then, in the very next, I was panting my way through one of Eugene and Mary’s sexual encounters. This fun-loving book will put a smile on your face all while fulfilling a great sexual desire. 4 Blue Ribbons

Valerie of Love Romances "...a story that will make you smile. Full of playful quips and quirky paranormal characters, such as Zeus, King Arthur, even God himself, the reader will enjoy this light but romantic story...very sensual. This reviewer enjoyed this story very much and chuckled through most of it." 4 Hearts

Janalee of The Romance Studio ". . .a witty and naughty look at how Cupid handles love and lovers. Ms. Hoppe took an assortment of famous named characters and, gave them snappy dialogues that will make you laugh-out-loud. The premise is unique and entertaining. This is a lot fun wrapped-up in a book!" 4 Hearts

Ellen Bunch of Just Erotic Romance Reviews "...humor, tenderness, joy, lust, confusion and eventually love...a very sweet story. I recommend it to everyone." 4 Stars 

What reviewers have to say about The Diner

Pam L of A Romance Review "...a very different, and a very fun, book in the way that it’s
written. There were a couple of scenes, that had me absolutely howling with laughter. I’m glad I was home alone when I read this hysterically funny, yet touching book. Now I can only pray that Nicole will have her own book!!!" 4.5 Roses

Glenda K. Bauerle of The Romance Studio "...hilarious...Great scenes; cute dialog. A fun story for all readers enjoying thoroughly modern women and their relationships, reminiscent of certain series on television in recent years." 4 Hearts

Marina of Cupids Library Reviews "...a delightful short story ... seamlessly woven past and
present vignettes ... exemplifies the importance of strong, open friendships between women. I loved the perspective of this story ... THE DINER is very well done and a wonderful beach read. Nicole is a friend we should all be so lucky to have." Cupid-Plot-Factor: 4.5 Cupid-Pleasure-Factor: 4.5

What reviewers have to say about Hart’s Heart

Emilie of NovelSpot Romance Reviews "... truly a unique book, exploring an alternative existence...filled with erotica with a touch of BD/SM ...a number of surprises will keep you guessing about what is going to happen next. No one will be able to predict the ending.

Renee Burnette of The Romance Studio " unusual and unique short story. ... a tale of exploration and discovery, and you won't be disappointed. Castle Hart is a hidden realm of domination and submission, where men rule over women with a firm hand, so expect sizzling
sex scenes, with strong discipline being administered in several. And also count on a strong heroine and two tender heroes to make it an emotionally satisfying read."

Melinda of Enchanted In Romance "... is one book for every reader. Mostly there are a lot of BDSM scenes between Lady Elizabeth and Thomas but simmer to a love that goes beyond just regular BDSM. All in all this was a great book for any reader and one that is not all it seems in Lord Hart’s kingdom. 4 Unicorns

Author Dakota Cassidy "Sinfully hot, wickedly tantalizing-- will leave you squirming in your seat and wondering where the heck the freight train that just hit you came from when you're through!"

Ansley Velarde of The Road to Romance “. . .an erotic novella that tempts and teases and then turns the tables on the reader. . . there is romance, heat, and rampant desires, yet the theme is different. I was completely amazed at how Ms. Hoppe ends it, the ending is dramatic, interesting
and very different. It is not your average erotic romance, keep that in mind, and enjoy Hart
s Heart."

What reviewers have to say about Club Belle Tori

Cassandra Buckles of Coffee Time Romance “Ms. Hoppe does an excellent job of creating a world of sexual abandonment without any censure to ones actions. She leaves the reader eagerly awaiting the next installment in this trilogy ... I know I will be. 4 Cups

Carolyn of A Romance Review “I was glued to my chair and squirming the whole time I read this explosively, sexy story.” 4 Roses

Oleta M Blaylock of Just Erotic Romance Reviews "Club Belle Tori is a firecracker of passion.” 5 stars, Heat Level: Orgasmic

Amber Taylor of Just Erotic Romance Reviews "Victoria and Jason. When these two finally get together they are absolutely on fire!!" Rating: 4 Stars, Heat Level: H

Robyn of Romance Junkies “This is erotica at its best. Michelle Hoppe has created a story full of sensuality that will leave you needing a cold shower at the end. Well, ok you will need a cold shower in the beginning and middle of the story too.” Blue Ribbon Rating 4

Holly Hewson of The Romance Studio “Club Belle Tori is erotic, compelling and unforgettable.” 4 Hearts

Pat McGrew of Road to Romance “Club Belle Tori is romance, passion and sex, at its very best.”

Diana Scott of CataRomance “This is a wonderfully written erotic book. The characters are realistic and very yummy.” 4 Stars

Jill of Fallen Angel Reviews “This story is extremely sexy and sensual. The author creates her scenes with taste, style, and class.” 4 Angels

What reviewers have to say about Belle Tori Too!

Sarah of Cupid's Library Reviews "Count on Ms. Hoppe to always provide a surprising twist! Without spoiling the plot for everyone I think that BELLE TORI TOO is yet another interesting and surprising story from Ms. Hoppe. She takes a "simple" story and puts unexpected elements in it to keep the reader on its toes."

Tewanda of Fallen Angels Reviews " emotional tale of a second chance at love. Tori and Jason are unforgettable characters that will entrance you. 4 Angels

Amber Taylor of Just Erotic Romance Reviews “Belle Tori Too is HOT!! ...this one is every bit as good as the first, with a few twists and turns thrown in for good measure. The sex is smokin’ HOT! The secondary characters from the first book are back with a few new ones thrown in to spice things up. Congrats to Ms. Hoppe for a great HOT read! This one goes on my keeper shelf. 4 Stars

What reviewers have to say about Forever Caspia 

Fallen Angel Reviews Jessica “… a wonderful short story of romance above and below the sea. I was captivated by the well-written characters. Tiro and Callista both display a wild array of emotions that draw the reader into their feelings and situation. The physical connection between them was sizzling and playful: a joy to watch. Michelle Hoppe has done a wonderful job and earned 5 Angels in the process!

What reviewers have to say about Fins of the Flesh  

Valerie of Love Romances "Honour and love are the game here and this story is not only humorous, but highly romantic and deeply sensual." 4 Hearts!

LindseyAnn Denson of eCataRomance Reviews "A hot, wickedly funny story... Fins of the Flesh is short, but sweet, and definitely worth the read!" Four stars! 2006 Ecataromance Reviewers’ Choice Award Nominee

What reviewers have to say about Flames of Desire

Irish Minx, Literary Nymphs "An extremely hot very short story (no wonder they call them Hot Flashes) that in the end, provides supreme satisfaction."

Sheryl, Ecataromance "Sexy, scorching and thoroughly loved are but a few words to describe this book..."

Linda L. The Romance Studio “… a story on disagreements and the joys of finding a way to make-up. Ms. Hoppe blends some excitement along the way in this blazing read as her characters create one enticing passionate romp. She pens a believable situation with Mindy and Jack that makes this story tantalizingly combustible. 3.5 hearts

Jessica of Fallen Angel Reviews “ … Flames of Desire offers two characters in the midst of a misunderstanding … a realistic situation … The conclusion will be rewarding and the route they take to get there is tantalizing. Michelle Hoppe has done a great job at writing a short story with flames of passion and a touching finish. 4 Angels!

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